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Lime, one of the most prolific and versatile chemicals in the world.

Cockburn Cement's lime products are used in such diverse applications as:

  • Alumina Refining - several applications throughout the process (particularly caustic recovery)
  • Gold Extraction - pH control for the retention of cyanide
  • Mineral Sand Procesing - pH modification of very acidic effluents (environmental)Munster
  • Water treatment
  • Builders Lime
  • Brick Making
  • Agriculture - soil pH modification and conditioning (also using Lime Kiln Dust)
  • Sugar Refining
  • Paper Manufacture
  • Food Processing (waste treatment)
  • Stock feed and Leather Tanning
  • Nickel Production -pH modification for precipitation and effluent treatment
  • Flue Gas Desulphurisation

The table below has been prepared to assist with understanding the names of various limes and where they originate from.

Also called burnt lime
Quicklime is the product of the “burning” of “limestone” (calcium carbonate) in controlled conditions
As with all of our limes, to change pH, in calcium silicate brick manufacture – Alumina, Gold and Building Industry
Hydrated Lime
Also called “slaked lime” and sold (in different forms) as Hy-lime, Industrial Lime etc.
Calcium Hydroxide
Hydrated lime is the product of the addition of water to quicklime (in controlled amounts) to form a fine white powder
Also used as a pH modifier in mineral processing, as a main component in mortars and plasters etc.
Lime Slurry
Sometimes called “putty” and “milk of lime”
Calcium Hydroxide
Hydrated lime in suspension with water (mixed with water) with between 20 and 40% solids (by weight)
Used in the same applications as hydrated lime, but as a ready to use easily handled mix with water
Lime Kiln Dust
CaO & CaCO3
Calcium Oxide and Calcium Carbonate
The dust collected by the electrostatic precipitators on our lime kiln “stacks” a mixture of fine quicklime and lime sands
A lower grade pH modifier, for environmental and industrial applications

Also called “lime pellets”
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- 08 9411 1111)

Ca(OH)2 and CaCO3
The pelletised form of lime kiln dust, with water added to aid the pelletisation
Ideal as an agricultural fertiliser for the treatment of acid soils.

Bulker BagBulker Bags
Industrial Hydrated Lime is also available in 1 tonne woven polypropylene Bulker Bags. This type of packaging is used throughout resource and industry sectors where pneumatic bulk distribution is restrictive. Their design is such that they are easily movable by either fork or crane lift and suit a range of transport options. They can be readily decanted on site for direct use into the respective application.



Use In:
Mining, Water Treatment, Environmental Control
Packaging: 18.5kg = 54 bags/pallet = 1 Tonne
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Industrial Hydrated Lime
Milk of Lime 

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